Saturday, March 25, 2006

In passing...Silver Sable to Nextwave

Patrick's brothers were in town, so I didn't get around to reading this week's comics until now... Unfortunately, it seems the floppies weren't up to their usual snuff.

Manhunter #20 - Part of DC's big "One Year Later" event, we see what's happening in Manhunter's life (you guessed it) one year later. And, well, it seems as if Kate Spencer's dealing wiht the same old stuff. Sure, there's a little mystery over the events of a big superhero team-up she was involved in, and some characters have gone and changed their lives up a bit, but otherwise, I have to say, a little disappointed. This big DC event left this title with some rather unspectacular elements to sort out. 6/10

Sable & Fortune #3 (of 4) - This book began with some potential in there somewhere, but amid the espionage and big hair, it just got kind of silly. Issue three of the Silver Sable and Dominic Fortune mini-series put a big fat stake into the heart of the book. Too many coincidences and over-the-top drama and egad, the eighties style of the book in general, just got annoying by this point. I love Silver Sable, but this is where I get off. 3.6/10

New Avengers #17 - Steve McNiven's beautiful art from last issue gives way to this. Not that Deodato's art is awful or anything, but it's certainly not up to McNiven's standards. But anyway, my real problem with this issue wasn't so much the art as the publisher. Marvel sure did a stellar job of taking me out of the story halfway through the issue when they inserted a four-page preview right smack-dab in the way of a scene that led up to a nice splash page. Yeah. I had to go back and reread the last few pages and hold the place to where the tension of the previous page was paid off. Ugh. I remember when Colossus returned during Astonishing X-Men, I saw a fricking variant of Colossus on the cover beside the regular issue where he's seen back for the firs time. Nice surprise. Marvel is just full of screw-ups. Otherwise, Bendis opened the book up with an extremely cheesy movie-of-the-week moment with the Avengers, featuring Luke Cage. That was a little less obnoxiously distracting. Ah, well. On the bright side, David Finch isn't on the book anymore. 5.6/10

X-Factor #5 - Following the events of the last issue where Siryn was left bludgeoned for dead in an alley by a very angry Si agent, we follow Rictor as he tries to locate her. Meanwhile, we get to see what she's experienced since the attack. Great art throughout the issue by Dennis Calero, and a nice stand-alone story in general. 7.3/10

Nextwave #3 - Ah, Nextwave. Always good for a laugh or two. This one's certainly not as silly as the previous story arc, but it has a few good chuckles in there amid the action. The first half of the issue sets up some key events, while the D-list heroes enter in the latter amid a Tabitha Smith cellphone conversation. Another great issue with some ultra-cool moments. 8.1/10

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