Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Passing...Runaways to Absolute Boyfriend

This week's offerings...

Spider-Woman: Origin #4 (of 5) - Jessica Drew joins SHIELD and goes missing...again. I really like The Luna Brothers, but I have to say, I do prefer their art on their own books. It's just not as solid on this mini-series. That's not to say that I don't like the art here - I do, but there are little things that bug me here and there. This is a nice continuation of the story, however, and it's shaping up to be a great book. 7.4/10

Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer #4 (of 4) - What I think has proved to be the best of the Seven Soldiers mini-series thus far (with only one more issue of Frankenstein to go, to tip the scales), The Bulleteer comes to end as she confronts her arch-enemy Sally Sonic. The issue focuses more on the latter, however, going into her past to examine how she became the way she has. It's a really cool issue and brings events from the first issue to a close. 9.1/10

Runaways #14 - Things go back to the beginning, through flashbacks, to set up events that occur in this issue. The runaways reminisce about their origins as they fill Victor in on Alex's betrayal and The Pride. And we finally get to see Karolina again... This was very much a set-up issue for what's to come, but still a satisfying read. 8/10

Shojo Beat: April 2006
Absolute Boyfriend - Riiko must take on a job to cover maintenance expenses on Night (didn't she already try to get a job once before?). And in the meantime, must sort out her feelings between the two men in her life. 7/10

Nana - This book always gets to me. It's just really emotional and it's easy to find yourself attached to the characters. The parting shot of this story was particularly painful, in light of the events that led up to it. This is just a great story by Ai Yazawa and I can't recommend it enough. 9.5/10

Last movie I saw in theaters: Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor)

Last movie I saw from Netflix: A History of Violence

In my CD player: Super Extra Gravity - The Cardigans (Import CD)

Graphic novel I'm currently reading: Age of Bronze (volume 1): A Thousand Ships - Eric Shanower

Last episode me and Patrick watched in our Buffy marathon: Into the Woods (Season five)

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