Sunday, December 24, 2006

Five Worst Comics of 2006

2006 was a year brimming with fantastic books. Unfortunately some duds always have to sneak into the mix, even when trying to carefully weed out the crap. So this list is a list of the five worst comics that I actually read, not including books like Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose that I know are awful but didn't subject myself to...

1. Jenna
Philip Osbourne & Various
(Narwain Publishing)

"And the artwork wasn't just poorly drawn, but the panels were sparse, jarring the reader from one scene of the story to another like reading a summary of a story rather than the actual events. Basically, the story follows the teenaged Jenna, whose father turns out to be involved in a cult that worships the demon Baal. She understandably freaks, as a man was recently executed for the murders that the cult committed, and a series of events then occur: her house burns down and her parents supposedly with it, she sleeps with her boyfriend which results in unexpected consequences, etc. Jenna herself is later revealed to be the anti-christ. It's all very silly. The main character's cute design was the only thing I enjoyed about the book, but even in her there were inconsistencies in her personality. It was all very generic and poorly executed."

Full Review here.

2. Blood Alone
Masayuki Takano
(Infinity Studios)

"Aside from the strange relationship showcased in this book, the characters feel rather flat and the situations with serial killers and spirits are uninspired and retread ideas seen in hundreds of other supernatural stories. The author attempts to graft some weak additions to the vampire mythos, but succeeds only in making those scary elements silly."

Full Review here.

3. Beyond!
Dwayne McDuffie & Scott Kolins
(Marvel Comics)

"Unfortunately, the entire first issue is like watching dominos fall. Nothing interesting or surprising really happens (especially the fake-out ending which no reader can believe to hold any weight). Given the diverse cast of characters, that's a real shame and disappointment. But to go one step further, the story is seen through the eyes of Gravity (whose mini-series I've been meaning to check out for awhile now), who McDuffie decides to make the most obnoxious, arrogant and down-right unlikeable voice he can."

Full Review here.

4. Moon Knight
Charlie Huston & David Finch
(Marvel Comics)

"This book takes itself way too seriously (the guy rides in a cresent-shaped ship for Pete's sake!), tries to distinguish itself from other Marvel books by making them sound cooler, and God, the ending is just the kicker. Completely overdone and melodramatic. I almost wet myself it was so awful."

Full Review here.

5. Book of Shadows
Mark Chadbourn & Bo Hampton
(Image Comics)

Book of Shadows "borrows a lot of elements from similar stories (gods of old coming to reclaim Earth as their own, a girl outrunning her magical destiny, a dragon thrown in for good measure, yadda yadda.) Even the title of the series leaves a vague generic stamp over it."

Full Review here.

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