Saturday, December 23, 2006

Luba: Three Daughters

Gilbert Hernandez

The final chapter in Gilbert's Luba Trilogy isn't as epic or nearly as rich as the previous installment. It's basically going back and combing over some of the history of Luba and her two long-lost sisters, Fritz and Petra, as well as the vast array of supporting characters in the series

like Venus and Hector. It certainly helps to add a little depth to the supporting characters of the tale, but it does do a bit of retreading as the story brings the three main women to a point in which they are no longer speaking to one another. These are some of the best characters in comics however, so it's still a pleasure just to be able to spend time with the rich characters, and see where they are headed in the future. I admit I even cried a bit when the lovely Doralis' fate was revealed, something that had been hinted at for awhile now, which was also a strong note to end the trilogy on. A lot of goofiness ensues in this volume, a lot of dreams containing bizarre sequences of aliens and talking penises, but toward the latter part of the work, when the characters' lives are fastforwarded, it was really nice to see where their revelries took them. And as always, the art is spectacular. A-

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