Thursday, December 07, 2006

newuniversal #1

Warren Ellis & Salvador Larroca

Warren Ellis attempts to salvage something from the ashes of an old Marvel franshise with the launch of this new series. I never read any of the original New Universe titles, so I'm not sure if the characters seen in this issue are updated, or whether they're brand new. But one thing I am sure of - this issue is pretty damn awesome. Not only do I love that sleek cover, but Salvador Larroca's art has improved vastly over the years and the style he's adopted for this title is a perfect fit and is really just plain gorgeous.
In this debut issue, a handful of characters are followed before, during and after "The White Event," a strange phenomenon that involves a white wave coursing over the planet and awakening superpowers within certain individuals, sometimes to devastating effects. It's all very cinematic and grand, and with the shifting scenes relating the time aroung "The White Event," the tension is palpable all the way through. Nothing particularly unique occurs here, but the execution is where the creators' strengths lie. The scenes where the characters' powers awaken are all really handled well, as is an archaeological dig in Latvia that's sure to play a big part in issues to come. The dialogue was also very realistic and established some of the characters nicely. Ellis and Lorroca make a great pair on this title and I'm really excited for what's forthcoming, particularly when it comes to the art. Hopefully, this series will be received by fans with a little more warmth than Ellis' last great launch, Nextwave. A

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