Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In Passing...Manhunter to Ant-Man

Manhunter #26
Marc Andreyko & Javier Pina

Manhunter makes her triumphant return after a short hiatus, as Kate Spencer takes on a big-name client: Wonder Woman herself. A great fight sequence between the two and a nightmarish little scene with Cameron Chase's sister make this comeback a welcome one. And Javier Pina's art has never looked better (no, he isn't the one who did that awful cover). A-

Uncanny X-Men #481
Ed Brubaker & Billy Tan

Not too much action in this issue of Uncanny. A lot of strategizing among the players in the epic space opera, including a backstabber ready to go to any lengths to seize the Shi'ar throne. And Darwin gets bad-ass. But this felt like just another chapter in the story, and frankly, one I could have lived without. C-

The Irredeemable Ant-Man #3
Robert Kirkman & Phil Hester

Eric O'Grady proves why he's so irredeemable this issue, in case it wasn't made clear in the two previous installments, as he takes his abuse of position and powers even further. But his past may be catching up to him finally. There are some really neat things that occur in this comic, like when Ant-Man attempts to knock a man around while super-small and it doesn't go according to plan. This is a fun little book about an anti-hero and it'll be fun to see where the mischief leads the character. B-

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