Monday, December 04, 2006

Manga Monday 18

Eden: It's An Endless World! (Volume 4)
Hiroki Endo

The characters from Hiroki Endo's Eden are reeling from the shocking events of the previous installment, amid some of the best art in manga presently. For the most part, this volume takes a detour from its usual focus on Elijah, to look back at some secondary characters' lives following the outbreak of the epidemic that has ravaged the world. The unstable, intimidating Kenji takes center stage here as he grows up in his brother's shadow, where he idolizes his violent profession and authority. A really interesting, action-packed character study. A-

Hikaru No Go (Volume 5)
Yumi Hotta & Takeshi Obata

Fujiwara-no-Sai's on-line presence continues to cause a stir as Hikaru's game improves drastically over the summer. With Akira going pro, Hikaru realizes he must catch up to him instead of vise-versa, and must make a difficult decision: apply to become an insei and take his game to the next level, or compete with his school's go team in tournaments. Hotta and Obata keep things tense as Hikaru slowly makes his way in the go-sphere, turning heads and coaxing readers to the edge of their seats with top-notch pacing. Every time one aspect of the story winds down, there's something ready to leap into its place with a vengeance, usually superior to what it's replaced. This manga is sure to entertain for volumes to come. A-

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