Monday, December 18, 2006

Manga Monday 19

Let Dai (Volume 1)
Sooyeon Won

Not exactly manga, the title Let Dai, comes from the hand of the best-selling shoujo creator from Korea, Sooyeon Wan, and is therefore dubbed "Manwha," the Korean equivalent to Japan's "Manga." People who enjoy "Shonen-ai" (or boy love manga) will find this to be an enjoyable title to take in. It's a beautifully-rendered story about an ordinary boy that's pulled into a violent world when he saves a girl from a gang of ruffians. In wake of this event, our protagonist Jaehee is subjected to beatings and threats as the gang takes an interest in him, particularly the gang leader Dai, a quirky but beautiful sadist. Jaehee is inexplicably drawn to Dai beyond all of the suffering he undergoes at his hands, and harbors a confusing but undeniable attraction to the boy he refers to as the devil himself. A-

Hikaru No Go (Volume 6)
Yumi Hotta & Takeshi Obata

Another great volume of Hikaru No Go sees Hikaru's world evolve. Forced to leave some aspects of his old life beyond, Hikaru struggles to adjust to the new situations set before him and develop his game. Akira Toya, Hikaru's rival, is still a large presence in this book, as the boy faces his first tournament as a pro go-player in a three-part chapter. As usual, Obata's art is stellar and Hotta knows how to keep his audience on the edge of their seats as we watch Hikaru slowly make his way up through the game sphere. A-

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