Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Previews: August 2006

Once again, I'm going to highlight books scheduled to hit comic stores in August...

Ape Entertainment:
Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon #1 (Ape Edition) - This collects the first issue from Speakeasy, and continues the story with the never-before-seen issue #2! This book is wonderful, and it's good to see it back.

Archaia Studios Press:
Artesia (volume 1) Limited Edition HC - Sometimes it pays to wait. For those who haven't jumped on the band wagon with this amazingly gorgeous fantasy series by Mark Smylie, you can now get a hardcover version of the first collection for the same price as the soft cover.

Archangel Studios:
The Red Star: Sword of Lies - The Red Star returns in a 40-page original story that reveals the rise to power of the villainous Imbohl.

Dark Horse:
Chickenhare: House of Klaus TP - An all-ages book about a half-chicken, half-hare, and his group of friends who try to escape the hands of an evil taxidermist who likes unique animals.

DC Comics:
I looked at DC books separately, but I should mention that I didn't catch the CMX book Emma (volume 1), by Kaoru Mori. It's an acclaimed manga series from Japan about a young girl raised to be a maid in Victorian-Era England.

Drawn & Quarterly:
Abandon the Old In Tokyo HC - Following up The Push Man and Other Stories, another hardcover collection of the master Yoshihiro Tatsumi's short stories will soon be available.

The Comics Journal Library 7: Harvey Kurtzman TP - The new TCJ Library collection will compile some rare Kurtzman material and include interviews with the artist that are sure to be exciting. You have to admire these oversized, beautiful books.

Delphine #1 - The new Ignatz book by one of my favorite creators, Richard Sala, makes its debut in August, as he reimagines the story of Snow White, bringing the tale back to its dark roots.

New Tales of Old Palomar #1 - Another one of my favorite creators joins the Ignatz line. Gilbert Hernandez goes back to the beginning of his Palomar stories from Love & Rockets to tell more tales from that classic age of Palomar, with Sheriff Chelo and a younger cast of the characters we know and love.

Luba: Three Daughters TP - Speaking of the Palomar books, this paperback will collect the final book in Gilbert Hernandez's trilogy following Luba and friends/family outside of Palomar.

Image Comics:
Savage Dragon #0 - The prequel to the long-running series by Erik Larsen tells the big green guy's origin, from out of the Image 10th Anniversary Hardcover. Just $2!

Marvel Comics:
I highlighted Marvel books separately.

Manhwa Novella (volume 1) GN - This is the first volume collecting the monthly anthology of prominent Korean authors. In this volume, "Lie To Me" by Youngran Lee, tells the story of Hyunjin, who goes to collect a payment for overdue bills from the previous owner of her new apartment, whereupon she gets the cold shoulder. After an accident where that same jerk loses much of his short-term memory, Hyunjin decides to deceive him into thinking she's been his girlfriend, in a twisted game of revenge. Sounds cool to me. Nice cover.

Poison Press:
Cavalcade of Boys Complete Collection TP - This volume collects all three volumes of Tim Fish's gay romance under a single cover.

Top Shelf Productions:
Lost Girls (Deluxe Slipcased Edition) - A work that took two decades to complete, this beautiful three-volume hardcover work featuring Alice, Wendy and Dorothy by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie is simply a must-have.

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