Saturday, May 27, 2006

In Passing...Deadgirl to X-Factor

A disappointing week for the floppies...

Blue Beetle #3 - As a guest penciller, Cynthia Martin does a decent job of fitting in, mimicing our regular artist, but the issue did seem kind of "off" in wake of it. The entire issue was kind of weird though, not just the art. The scene with Jaime's family was great, but everything else just seemed rather silly... The repercussions from the last issue should have really stood out. D

X-Factor #7 - Madrox gets a proposition and Siryn's in denial of Scott's news that her father has died. The Madrox scenes were alright, but the rest was just kind of bland. And I did not care for Ariel Olivetti's art here at all. D+

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #5 - This book's always pretty creative. And fun. The jokes keep coming between killer koalas and growing broccoli men. I really like the short sequences revealing brief moments in the characters' pasts, but in this issue they weren't as clever or done in spirit of the other characters portrayed in the scenes. I found them more distracting this time. C+

X-Statix Presents: Deadgirl #5 (of 5) - The cool mini-series featuring a really great character has come to a conclusion. I'll miss it. It captured the unique, fun feel of the initial issues of the X-Statix/X-Force run by Milligan and Allred. And the battles and guest appearances, character moments and payoffs were all done masterfully. A trade is on its way, so if you missed it in floppies, check it out there. A

Last comic I read: Chimera by Lorenzo Mattotti
Graphic Novel I'm currently reading: Watchmen (crazy I haven't read this yet)
Novel I'm currently reading: His Dark Materials (Book Three): The Amber Spyglass
Last movie I saw in theaters: X-Men: The Last Stand (made approximately $44 million in its first day, btw)
Last movie I watched on DVD: X-2: X-Men United

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