Saturday, May 06, 2006

In passing...Robotika and Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch #4 (of 4) - The four issue mini-series by Jai Nitz and Nicola Scott concluded this past week, on a poor note. As the series progressed, the story got more interesting as the protagonist slowly turned toward a dark direction in favor of the clean-cut champion she was being groomed to be. Unfortunately, with Jessica taking the throne in wake of the previous issue, the comic just got silly, as the new monarch stood around complaining about the newspaper and building their world's version of McDonald's. It was a pretty ridiculous and almost insulting, end to the story and the character. On the bright side, Nicola Scott's art improved dramatically from the first issue to the last and we could potentially see some really nice stuff come from her in the future. 2/10

Robotika #3 (of 4) - Alex Sheikman's mini from Archaia Studios Press is shaping up to be a really great comic. Plenty of action is offered amid the fast pace and imaginative world that the author has created. It's almost like reading a dream sometimes, it gives such a surreal impression, but it's certainly coherant and often beautiful. Sheikman continues to offer an imaginative structure to his storytelling as well, as panels from the protagonist's dreams/visions are shaped like a cloud of bats or of men digging a grave, while apparitions of stunning designs hover nearby. A comic this creative and wonderful doesn't come along very often. As a bonus, there are some really nice pin-ups in the back of the issue, from the likes of J.H. Williams III and Norman Felchle (whose was my favorite). 8.4/10

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