Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In Stores 6/1

Some last minute highlights of books coming to comic stores Thursday...

Abadazad (Book One): The Road to Inconceivable and Abadazad (Book Two): The Dream Thief - Fan favorite (and one of my favorite comics) Abadazad returns from the ashes of Crossgen in the form of a comic/prose hybrid. I've been waiting very patiently for these.

Seven Soldiers of Victory (volume 3) TP - The second-to-last collection of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers maxi-series saga. If you were crazy enough to wait for the trade, it has arrived. Who knows how long of a wait it'll be before the final installment...

Showcase Presents: The Haunted Tank (volume 1) TP - From DC's vault, another obscure series is collected in the wonderfully affordable Showcase series.

Art Out of Time: Unknown Comic Visionaries 1900-1969 HC - Dan Nadel's beautiful book of unsung comic creators shipped from Amazon last week and Patrick has been loving it. In a few days, it'll be available in comic stores as well.

Artesia Besieged #1 (of 6) - A new chapter begins in the epic story featuring Artesia, the strong, capable warrior/witch/queen. I loved the last three books - they're just amazing. Nothing compares to its epic scope and beautiful, fully-realized world. Mark Smylie is just a genius in his portrayal of the kingdom and the supernatural forces that lie beneath everything. And the art. Amazing. Just look through a collection if you don't believe me. Do yourself a favor and pick up the previous collections and be on board for this series. Also in stores from Archaia Studios Press this week are the charming Mouse Guard #3 and the final issue of Alex Sheikman's wildly inventive Robotika mini-series.

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