Friday, May 12, 2006

In Passing...Fables to Nana

American Virgin #3 - I'm really enjoying Becky Cloonan's art on this series. The story is also pretty compelling, courtesy of Steven T. Seagle, but if not for the art, it wouldn't be one I'd necessarily have to pick up every week. This issue's the weakest of the series so far, but it's leading toward what has the potential to be a really cool conclusion. It'll be interesting to see what direction the characters take following this initial story. 7.1/10

Fables #49 - The "Wolves" story arc comes to a conclusion as Jabatberhari from The Jungle Book closes in on Bigby Wolf's location, and a guest departs from the animal farm. I did enjoy the last issue of this arc much more than this - it had more really cool moments and character interaction. This one was just consistently mediocre. Although I'm sure it's setting up some big events for the 50th issue next month. 4/10

From Shojo Beat: June 2006:
Absolute Boyfriend - This was probably the best single chapter of Absolute Boyfriend thus far. In light of Riiko's kiss with another boy, she discovers that she's extremely close to losing Night, as he's been rebooted by a kiss from another woman. She reflects over the past few months with the mail-order boyfriend amid a cloud of confusion over what Soshi means to her, and realizes that she will miss Night if he leaves after all. But how is she to win him back? It's all very stressful and I can't wait until Yuu Watase resolves this next month (I hope she resolves it). 9.5/10

Nana - And Nana. My God I love Ai Yazawa. Whenever Nana Komatsu is really happy, I'm really happy too. If she's depressed, like she gets in this story, I feel the same. It really speaks to Yazawa's ability as a storyteller that I feel so much for the characters. Something about the circumstances in this story in particular spoke to me and really made me feel pained. I needed a nice big hug after this chapter. 9.7/10

Excellent chapters of the books in Shojo Beat this month. I should note that for next month's installment of the magazine, they list a new book, Vampire Knight in place of Godchild and say to follow the continuing adventures of Cain in the third volume of the Godchild out in Novemeber. Personally, I don't really like the book, so it'll be nice to see a new story in its stead.

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