Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In Stores 5/3

Books shipping to comic shops this week that you may want to give a second glance...

Mouse Guard #2 - The second issue of David Petersen's all-ages story comes out, hot on the heels of the sold-out first issue and second printing. This comic is great - don't miss out!

Osamo Tezuka's Buddha (volume 1): Kapilavasto TP - Vertical Inc. has finally released the first volume of Tezuka's masterpiece in softcover! Available for an affordable $14.95.

Love & Rockets (volume 2) #16 - I personally like to read the Hernandez Brothers in collected formats, but man, any week where a Hernandez comic comes out is a good week.

Yeast Hoist 12: Stop Thinking, Start Sleeping ~ Stop Sleeping, Start Living - Buenaventura Press presents a collection of Ron Rege Jr.'s rarest comics and drawings.

Civil War #1 - Everyone and their mom is picking this thing up, but at least with this company-wide crossover from Marvel, we'll be treated to some great art courtesy of Steve McNiven.

Sex, Rock and Optical Illusions - A 140+ page hardcover from Fantagraphics featuring the art of unsung poster/underground comix artist from the 60's, Victor Moscoso. His first career-spanning retrospective.

And if you have any money left over from all of that, there's some good stuff coming to bookstores this week, as well. The first wave of offerings from the promising new company, :01 First Second...

A.L.I.E.E.E.N.: Archives of Lost Issues and Earthly Editions of Extraterrestrial Novelties - A cute softcover offering from Lewis Trondheim.

Fate of the Artist - Eddie Campbell's pseudo-autobiography. If I understand it right, it's a non-linear collage of a story where an investigator tries to uncover the fate of Eddie Campbell.

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