Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Athena Voltaire

A new title appeared on the stands of comic book stores on Wednesday courtesy of Speakeasy Comics, but Athena Voltaire isn't new to the world of comics at large. When I picked up this comic, there were quotes from the likes of Warren Ellis raving about the series, an impressing "Eisner Award nominee" logo in the upper right-hand corner. This naturally caused me to wonder what I'd missed. Had there been a previous Athena Voltaire mini-series? A quick stop by Speakeasy Comics' site and Athena Voltaire's own website, and I discovered that Athena Voltaire is an acclaimed webcomic, up for best digital comic at the 2005 Eisners. The heroine makes her first print debut in the mini-series Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon, by series creators Steve Bryant, Paul Daly and Chad Fidler (with Kevin Volo and Thompson Knox working with Fidler on colors). The Speakeasy title makes for an impressive debut, as the company's high production values do the colorful, action-packed title justice. It's told in a 30's adventure comic strip style complete with airplanes, jungles and nazis searching for one artifact or another, fun and full of life and with a heroine to reckon with. A lot of story is packed into this debut issue, filling in some of the blanks on Athena's background and illustrating just why this woman is so kick-ass (and she is), while setting up an interesting story just about exploding with double-dealing and well, dynamite.

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