Saturday, December 10, 2005

Y-the Last Man #40 (Spoiler)

Brian K. Vaughan's Y-the Last Man #40 is another stand-alone issue focusing on secondary characters of the series. And is it just me or do the stand-alones seem to be better than the on-going plot? This series has gotten pretty silly as it's progressed, but there are still a few decent things happening beyond all of the crap. This particular issue is kind of a follow-up on events from a while back, where Yorick meets a woman named Beth (not his girlfriend Beth, but another one) who is hiding out in a church. Finally, we get the answer to questions brought up at that time - about what has become of the catholic church since the plague struck. It was a little disappointing, as they're merely searching the world for miraculaous conceptions. A little desparate, I guess. We also get to find out what little secret Beth's been hiding since Yorick took leave of her - particularly the little bun in her oven (did anyone out there believe that that wasn't going to happen?) Despite these few disappointing notes, however, it is an entertaining story as we get to see a strange relationship form between Beth and Yorick's ex-Amazon sister Hero. And it's kind of cool how Vaughan turns our expectations around on us and gives us a baby girl where a boy was expected.

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