Thursday, December 15, 2005

In Passing...DMZ to Secret War

Fables #44 - Part three of the "Arabian Nights (And Days)" storyline deals with the repercusions of Sinbad's friend, Yusuf, letting the djinn out of the bottle last issue, as the conflict is diffused in an unexpected way thanks to some astute Fabletown citizens. 8.5/10

Secret War #5 (of 5) - This has been a pretty lacklustre series. The art, painted by one Gabriele Dell'Otto, is great, but that's about all it's had going for it. This issue is all about the explanations, which were nothing that warranted this series to have been conceived of in the first place. 2.8/10

DMZ #2 - Intern Matthew Roth explores a dangerous "war zone" city with Zee, who keeps him alive long enough to talk him into carrying out his news crew's assignment and report on what really goes on in the DMZ. 6.4/10

And from the pages of Shojo Beat (Volume 2, Issue 1)...

Nana - Nana attempts to find bandmates for her roomie as she realizes she's been acting unfair to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, new characters are introduced to the series that may complicate some relationships in the near future. 8.9/10

Absolute Boyfriend - Riiko's mail-order boyfriend Night gets a fan club who goes haywire if any girls are caught talking to the poor guy. And Riiko's friend Satori isn't exactly the person she believed her to be. 7/10

That's all for mini-reviews this week. If any bloggers are reading this, I should let you know that there's a site for bloggers to recognize the best comics and artists of the year. If anyone else wants to give credit to their favorites, post them at The Comics Journal's message board! I, of course, posted mine based on my favorite ten of the year!

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