Friday, December 30, 2005

In Passing...Bulleteer to Generation M

So I finally got a chance to catch up on my comic reading since the craziness of Christmas. Here are my mini-reviews for last week's comics...

Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #2 (of 4) - One of the best Seven Soldiers issues to date. In this issue, we get the answers to some burning questions from Seven Soldiers #0, like what exactly happened to the heros in Arizona? What were the circumstances that brought them together? The answers involve racism and monsters. Just awesome. 9.4/10

The Book of Lost Souls #3 - J. Michael Straczynski and Colleen Doran's "Icon" book continues as our mystery man visits another soul content with destroying herself, this one being an artist whose boyfriend overdosed. I liked the issue, despite a nagging feeling that the writer was being a little pretentious. 7.1/10

Runaways #11 - The runaways continue their adventure in the Big Apple as they confront Spider-man, bluff drug pushers and are inevitably attacked by a certain superhero group on the lookout for Cloak. There was plenty going on in this issue, bouncing between three different pairs of kids. 7.8/10

Manhunter #17 - Manhunter finds her family missing in the wake of accepting Mr. Bones' offer to be his hero-for-hire. But they haven't been taken by anyone she expected... I was really surprised by the ending and it got me really excited for the issues to come. 9/10

Generation M #2 (of 5) - The mutant killer strikes again after columnist Sally Floyd reports the killer's photos left at her doorstep. There are a couple of guest appearances of ex-X-Men in this issue, with a minor surprise at the end of the issue that you could see coming a mile away. 6/10

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