Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In Passing...Spider-man to Mr. Miracle

Ultimate Spider-man #87 - Despite the disappointing "cool down" issue of the previous Ultimate Spider-man story arc "Warriors," Bendis has been on top of his game lately with the old Webhead. This new arc "Silver Sable" is just plain awesome (and not just because I'm partial to the obscure mercenary!) The Wild Pack mistakenly kidnaps Flash Thompson, thinking he's the man behind Spidey, while Mary Jane is completely jealous after seeing Peter with Kitty. Ayeyay. The high school soap opera, as always, is just as interesting and suspenseful as the heroics. 9.5/10

Necromancer #3 - What started out as a very promising series falls quickly into a silly "girl using magic" comic with this issue, as a mentor figure arrives out of nowhere to save Abigail from the clutches of...government officials in league with demons? Ugh. The only Top Cow book I've ever liked has just become another Top Cow book I'll never read. 4.8/10

New Excaliber #2 - Another book that had my hopes soaring with the last issue flounders. I loved the original Claremont/Davis Excaliber series, and actually had a shred of hope that this would be decent. The first issue was actually good, despite a few faults. This one takes those silly faults and magnifies them until there's nothing left of what was good. There are a lot of those really intricate moments like in the first issue where the team works together to make Dazzler's heart beat again, amid silly instructions from a single teammate (now, Kitty, massage her heart!). This issue is just page after page of that sort of drivel. I can't imagine anyone enjoying this sort of thing. Sorry, Claremont, I know you had some talent way back when, but by god, bow out gracefully! 3.8/10

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2 (of 4) - Now, if there's anyone you can rely on to turn a crappy comic week into a great one, it's usually Grant Morrison. Unfortunately, this week it was Bendis, as another comic fizzles. This is the only Seven Soldiers book, really the only Morrison book, that I can not stand. It just doesn't make me care at all about what's going on. I don't like the characters, the story's dull and hell, the artists on the series can't even retain their interest, so why should I? 2/10

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