Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Christmas come and gone...

What I got for Christmas this year...

Graphic novels/Trades:
- The Cute Manifesto
- Excaliber Classics (volume 1)
- Catwoman: When In Rome

- The Historian

- Anastasia
- Closer
- Open Water (I actually went to rent movies at my mom's and it was 20 cents more to buy it, so she just got it for me...) (I also watched War of the Worlds and Sideways on Xmas Eve)

- lots of candy
- a burned Xmas CD
- chardonnay
- a book light
- a wallet
- socks
- DVD-Rom cases
- utensils
- money
- lots of Barnes & Noble giftcards
- a Target giftcard

I already used part of my Target card on House of Flying Daggers the DVD and picked up Robotika #1 and Sword of Dracula #1 from Big Brain in Minneapolis (and food) with my money.

And Patrick got...

Graphic Novels/Trades:
- Essential Spider-woman (volume 1)
- DC Showcase Presents...JLA (volume 1)
- Night Fisher
- Bambi and Her Pink Gun
- Hino Horror (volumes 1 and 2)
- Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four (volume 9)

- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

- Serenity
- Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
- King Kong (Original)

- Lord of the Rings calendar
- several burned CDs
- crockpot
- pillows/a throw
- candy
- lots of Barnes & Noble giftcards
- a Target giftcard
- money
- a shirt
- pajamas
- socks/underwear

(Patrick already bought the Ganzfeld (volume 4) magazine at Big Brain, as well as King-Cat #64)

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