Wednesday, July 27, 2005


"Previews" came out today, so it's time to comment on what's to come...

"Nick Fury's Howling Commandos" - Okay, you knew from the hook of Vampire by Night (a vampire bitten by a werewolf), that we'd see this character in some form after her story had ended in "Amazing Fantasy." And here she is, fighting side-by-side with other monsters, like the Zombie and Frankenstein. Is that enough to check this series out? Mmm....probably not.

"Ultimate Fantastic Four" - Yeah, I haven't checked out this series, but the cover for the new "Tomb of Namor" arc gave me a chill. I think this is where I get on board.

"Runaways" - I love Vaughan's original series. Number nine is the beginning of a new arc, "East Coast/West Coast," with the return of Cloak and Dagger to the book, an appearance I really enjoyed back in the first volume of the series.

"The Book of Lost Souls" - The new Icon title from J. Michael Straczynski and "A Distant Soil's" talented Colleen Doran, sounds like a great new fantasy book. The cover looks fabulous.

"New X-Men: Hellions TPB" - I love bad good guys. I'm a sucker. At least I waited for the trade, right?

"Livewires: Clockwork Thugs, Yo Digest" - Seems like an interesting, fun series. And Patrick already said he'd buy it when he saw it, so bonus!

"Fables" - The new story arc looks like a lot of fun: "Arabian Nights (And Days)." I assume it's a follow-up to the "1,001 Nights of Snowfall" original graphic novel from "Fables."

"Manhunter" - This stand-alone issue sounds cool. I hope this is just a guest cover artist. I really like this cover, a lot actually, but...Jae Lee's just awesome!

"Women of the DC Universe: Poison Ivy Bust" - My favorite villain. A perfect bust of her. Drool. (I swear, I am gay)

"Season of the Witch" - Yeah, you know me and witches. Ex-CrossGener Kevin Sharpe pencils!

"Dark Mists (volume 1)" - This series has caught my eye a few times, because of its beautiful covers. I think I'll check it out with the trade.

"The Acme Novelty Library #16" - This is probably where I'll finally be introduced to Chris Ware. Patrick's definitely going to get this, and it looks pretty, so...time to try out the master.

"Doomed" - The new horror magazine anthology that's supposed to be like EC's enthology series. I'll give it a shot.

Speakeasy Comics:
"Elk's Run TPB" - The series I tried and failed to find back issues of is collected, thankfully. Nice Darwyn Cooke cover.

"Season of the Reaper" - New series. It sounds like an interesting premise, different from what one usually sees in comics.

"The Hunger TPB" - The horror series is collected. Zombies good.

"The Living and the Dead GN" - Another horror book.

"Kindly Corpses" - Ditto. And one big difference between Speakeasy and Crossgen - no in-house style. I think that was a great detrement to Crossgen. Speakeasy seems to be following Crossgen's course, putting out too many comics too soon, but...they might be able to break out if they let their creators have the freedom to do what they want artistically. We'll see.

"Mark of the Succubus (Volume 1)" - I like succubi, ever since Morrigan from "Darkstalkers" seduced me on the old cartoon. So, a succubus in training in high school? Awesome!

"Telepathic Wanderers (Volume 1)" - Great premise, and given my new enthusiasm for manga, I'm willing to check it out! I'm all about new things this month.

Top Shelf:
"SuperFuckers" - Second issue! What a great cover!

That's what kinda caught my eye this time around. There are others, of course, like "Y-the Last Man" that I always pick up, but these were special cases, I think. Anyways...later!

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