Monday, July 11, 2005

July 11th

Hey, just saw the Diamond shipping list here:

This week, I'm going to be reading:
~"All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #1" (Haven't read a Frank Miller comic I haven't liked)
~"The Comics Journal #269" (I usually don't read this, but it's the shojo manga issue!)
~"Fables #39" (More of the homeland)
~"Mnemovore #4" (Shaping up to be a neat little horror story)
~"New Avengers #7" (I have to say, I like this series, though the panels are a little hard to follow sometimes...)
~"NYX #6" (Last issue?)
~"Serenity #1" (Definitely getting excited for the movie!!)
~"Seven Soldiers: The Guardian #3" (The best of the Seven Soldiers minis thus far)

Next week's reads:
~"Astonishing X-Men #11" (Finally! Another issue of the best superhero title out there right now!)
~"Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame #2" (Need I say more?)
~"Manhunter #12" (Kate Spencer is the best original DCU character I've seen in the past decade)
~"Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1" (I gotta give Kupperman a try, given what I've heard of his "Snake n' Bacon" TP)
~"Ultimate Spider-man #80" (I think this title took a little departure in quality for a couple of arcs before this one began last iss)

And more about me and what I'm up to:
Last graphic novel/trade I read: "Paradise Kiss (volume 4)" (I can't find volume five!)
Last comic I read: "Ultimate Spider-man #79"
Next comic in my pile: "Ocean #6" (conclusion)
Last movie I rented: "Punisher" (A good action movie. Not great, but good. A renter.)
Last good movie I saw in theaters: "Fantastic Four" (As previously reported)
Last great movie I saw in theaters: "George A. Romero's Land of the Dead" (Zombies are fun!)
Next movie I plan to see in theaters: "March of the Penguins"
Next three movies to enter me and Patrick's Netflix rental queue: "The Shield: Season One: Disc Three" (Patrick's), "Psycho" (the original), and "They Came Back" (French zombie film).

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