Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cavalcade of Boys

"Cavalcade of Boys" is a fun romp of a romance series by Tim Fish. There obviously aren't too many gay comics out there (aside from manga series about gay boys written by girls for girls, which is kinda weird), so it's pretty refreshing to read this independently-published comic on the stands. Fish fills his trade with cute boy images that Patrick noted looked a lot like Erik Larson's art (could there be some influence there?). There is way too much Zip-a-tone at the beginning of the story, but it fades before too long to become quite bearable.

"Cavalcade of Boys" reads more like a collection of short stories that follow gay boys through their adventures meeting other boys (ala "Love & Rockets," with recurring characters and plot threads being picked up and dropped capriciously). While it seems that no gay man in the volume is capable of staying monogomous (with one exception), it's still a fun portrayal of stereotypes among the gay populace, though the characters grow with the series' progression to become somewhat complex. It's a little hard to keep track of which characters did what to who and when, and some guys are hard to place at all when they appear, but trifles aside, it's a nice fluffy read, objectifying men in comics for once, something I find quite refreshing.

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