Sunday, July 03, 2005


Yeah, "Previews" came out this week, so I'm highlighting the upcoming comics that I'm excited about. And speaking of upcoming, the Chicago comic convention is coming up extremely fast. I can't wait. Now that I'm closer than ever, it won't be such an exhausting voyage to attend. But anyways, from the pages of "Previews...."

Dark Horse: I'm excited about the "Sumarai: Heaven and Earth" trade. I went back and forth on getting this one quite a bit as the issues were out, but I opted to wait in hopes for a trade. I'm glad they're collecting it. I loved Marz' samurai stuff at Crossgen, so I'm excited to see what he comes up with without a panel directing the story.

DC: There's great stuff coming out from DC, like the "Kamandi Archives" and "Showcase Presents" trades, but I'm personally most excited to see what Grant Morrison does for his next "Seven Soldiers" mini, "Mister Miracle."

Image: I'm not exactly thrilled with any of the offerings here this month, but I may check out "Fell," the new ongoing from Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith.

Marvel: "Black Widow 2" - Loved the first mini. Who can complain when Sienkiewicz is involved?

Fantagraphics: Continuing their "Complete Peanuts" with volume four, I'd say this is their gem of the month.

Oni Press: Ted Naifeh of "Courtney Crumrin" fame brings a new series to life with "Polly & the Pirates." This is probably what I'm most excited about for the month.

Pantheon: Most people are going to say Chris Ware's "Acme Novelty Library" hardcover, but I honestly haven't checked Ware out yet (I promise to very shortly!). So, I'm going to have to go with the collected "Black Hole" here since I love the art and I plan to read it as soon as I get it.

Speakeasy: I'm going to check out "Atomika" in trade format if it looks interesting, but I'm not exactly gasping with awe at the offerings here.

Top Shelf: I wasn't blown away by the first volume of "Owly," but I do kind of have a certain affection for the character, so I have to highlight "Owly" volume three's debut, especially since I'm planning on getting volume two to give it another go.

Viz: More "Shojo Beat" is going to be a treat. I'm really hungry for more "Nana," but I'm also looking forward to Naoki Urasawa's "Monster." Patrick was the one who got me enthused about this one, but I am definitely going to be checking it out after reading the solicitation.

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