Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lost At Sea/Ocean

I read "Lost At Sea" last night, Brian Lee O'Malley's first graphic novel. If you like the hipster dialogue and art of "Scott Pilgrim," this definitely has the same kind of feel. I actually felt like I could identify with this book better than I could "Scott Pilgrim," though I do feel the latter is a superior work. In "Lost At Sea," we find a girl, Raleigh, in a car full of strangers from school, as they travel north to Canada. It's much more internal than "Pilgrim," opting to beg the cosmic questions of where we fit in and such. Quite emotional and full of flashbacks that flush out Raleigh as the story unfolds, I recommend this book readily.

Warren Ellis' new six-issue mini-series "Ocean" has a great premise. A group of scientists discover something beneath one of the icy moons of Jupiter. The series starts out full of promise, as the atmosphere of this futuristic world is depicted in a way that really draws the reader in, very dark and dangerous, full of conspiracies. The story unfolds slowly, introducing some rival scientists that are, well, very twisted. With their introduction, I'm sorry to say, I feel that this story falls off the right track and grows a little too silly. Not that aliens or spaceships to Juniper isn't a little silly anyway, but this is just out there, and really destroys that great mood that was set up early in the book. And the climax of the book just doesn't pay off all of the effort we invest in the characters and story. I would check out Ellis' other works before checking this one out. I hear "Ministry of Space" is good.

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