Friday, July 18, 2008

Spike: After the Fall #1 (of 4)

Brian Lynch & Franco Urru
Spike: After the Fall is a four issue mini-series that spins out of events from Angel: After the Fall, continuing the story of what happened following the series finale of Angel the television series, this time focusing on fan favorite Spike. This doesn't show events from the alley where the character was left off at the end of the TV program, but rather picks up shortly thereafter, yet before Angel recruited Spike in Angel: After the Fall. As we saw in that other IDW mini-series, Spike is with Illyria and has discovered her "condition" in Hell, and maybe a little more... But overall, this mini-series seems pretty unnecessary. The art is murky and dark, like it is in Angel: After the Fall, and the characters' voices seem far off. At least Angel: After the Fall had the new concept of LA transporting to Hell going for it, and explaining all that went along with it. This mini-series doesn't introduce new elements, but rather indulges in uncovering every single things that happened to these characters whether they're very relevant or not. As nice as it is to know what happens to the characters I love after that series finale, nothing that has come from the comic continuation has been very impressive as of yet.

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