Monday, July 14, 2008

Manga Monday: Gantz

Gantz (Volume 1)
Hiroya Oku
Gantz was one of my most anticipated manga of the year, and it's proved to be a doozy with the first volume. Beautifully-drawn and action-packed, it reminds me quite a bit of another bloody, violent, over-sexed manga, Battle Royale. The book follows a group of people who have appeared in a bare apartment following their deaths. In the room is a strange machine that gives them instructions and provides them with weapons and battle gear. Basically, they are given a target, an alien, that they must take out. The first alien on the list is a small "onion alien." After quickly zoning in on its location, it puts up a pathetic defense that really makes the reader feel bad for it and has you wondering whether what the humans are being ordered to do is good or bad. The people who are being forced into this situation still aren't convinced that it's real - that perhaps it's a hidden camera show or something, but once the blood starts gushing and real danger rears its head, they waste no time jumping into survival mode. Like Battle Royale, it's an all-out battle between two parties, featuring fancy weaponry, T&A, and a group of individuals trapped in a situation that they can not get out of, forced to kill or be killed. One of my favorite scenes in this book is of the main character, Kei, as he stands in a street in the middle of the night with a few others and watches a group of their men chasing the onion alien with their guns out and huge grins on their faces. It just resonated with me and kind of summed up what kind of a story I was reading. Gantz definitely gets the seal of approval.

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halo ... like comic also yeah?
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