Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Marvel Zombies 2

Robert Kirkman, Sean Phillips & Arthur Suydam
What's left to do when you've eaten an entire universe full of people? Try to get to another universe, of course. That's what the remaining zombies attempt to do in the sequel to the hit mini-series. Via the transportation device that zombie Reed Richards created in Marvel Zombies: Dead Days (back on the original Earth that they came from), the zombies seek to sate their hunger. Since we last saw them, the zombies have recruited a few new members in Phoenix, Thanos, Firelord and Gladiator. And after a little distraction in the form of Ego the Living Planet (an all-you-can-eat buffet), the zombies return to Earth to find the survivors who have long left the safety of Asteroid M at the end of the original series, including Black Panther, Forge, several Acolytes and a zombie Wasp, who claims that after resisting the hunger for a time, has lost the need to consume flesh. The humans are split between keeping Black Panther in charge of their new society of New Wakanda, or to turn leadership over to new blood by way of Fabian Cortez's son Malcolm, who seems just as vicious and self-serving as his father (going so far as to try to assassinate Black Panther in his sleep). But the rest of the book is plenty of fighting between humans and zombies, and between zombies and zombies, and then trying to reason with zombies. It's just as fun as the original book and the material that bridges the two series, but it is getting a little stale. With Marvel having announced a Marvel Zombies 3 (with a new creative team), they're going to have to find some new and exciting things for the undead to do, even if it is set in the official Marvel Universe, as seems to be the case. And really, it will be hard to find another artist to step into the role of the amazing Sean Phillips. But we'll see, I suppose. Until then, we have plenty of Marvel Zombies material, consume.

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