Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Goddess of War (Volume 1)

Lauren R. Weinstein
The Goddess of War is a new series published by Picturebox, from Lauren Weinstein, creator of Girl Stories. This lively new book follows a former Valkyrie turned Goddess of War who is getting rather sick of her job. As she throws a tantrum and falls into a drunken stupor on the blood of 150 Mayan virgins, she recalls her past, specifically a time when she slept with an Apache man she made chief - Cochise - and the pain she caused him. Throughout the book, there are plenty of strange aliens and creatures, gods and animals, and Weinstein illustrates them all with a lot of energy for a really exciting final product. The Goddess of War is full of creative panel compositions, fun diagrams and every once in a while, a page done up to mimic fine art that can embody a scene of action, with delicate pencils and shading. This is all presented in a black and white oversized format in what I believe is the first of four volumes. A great beginning to a riveting new title.

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