Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have a good Comic-Con!

Well, Patrick and I are off to Comic-Con International for the first time!! Here are my most anticipated panels, in loose order:

1. Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Not a panel so much, but an event I am so going to be attending!

2. Joss Whedon - With the cast of Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, plus tidbits about Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight and Fray!!

3. Spotlight on Lynda Barry - It's Lynda Barry

4. Bat-Manga! Chip Kidd and the Secret History of Batman in Japan - Should be interesting stuff - can't wait for the book.

5. Entertainment Weekly's Visionaries: Comic Creators - Featuring a great round-up of creators: Grant Morrison, Colleen Doran, Jim Lee, Robert Kirkman, Mike Mignola, Matt Fraction and John Cassaday!

6. Jack Kirby Tribute - It's a tribute, he's a legend, I've never been.

7. The World of Steve Ditko Panel Discussion - Featuring Dean Mullaney, Gary Groth, Kim Deitch and others.

8. Entertainment Weekly's Visionaries: Filmmakers - A non-comic event...but damn these are some exciting filmmakers! Kevin Smith, Frank Miller, Zack Snyder and Judd Apatow!

9. The Secret History of Manga in the US - Should be interesting. Jason Thompson's always great to hear.

10. Marvel Cup o' Joe - Announcements and whatnot.

11. Spotlight on Kim Deitch

12. Spotlight in Jim Woodring

13. The Story of an Image - Kim Deitch, Kyle Baker, Jim Woodring and Jim Ottoviani

14. The Future of the Comics Pamphlet - Douglas Wolk, Eric Shanower and more

15. Golden and Silver Age of Comics

16. DCU: Final Crisis Management - A great roundup of talent: Grant Morrison, Brad Meltzer, J.G. Jones, Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio and Phillip Tan.

17. Hellboy: Mike Mignola

18. Reinventing the Page: Stan Lee and Grant Morrison talk Virgin Comics - These two on the same panel will be interesting...

19. Spotlight on Eddie Campbell

20. Spotlight on Todd Klein

21. MAD in the 60's

22. Scott Shaw! Oddball Comics

23. Friday the Thirteenth - What can I say?

24. Grant Morrison and Gerard Way: Born Under a Black Sun

25. Lost

And there's, of course, a heck of a lot more and a ton I won't get to!
See you next Monday!

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