Monday, July 21, 2008

Manga Monday: My Dead Girlfriend

My Dead Girlfriend (Volume 1)
Eric Wight
My Dead Girlfriend is an OEL manga that I picked up because Joss Whedon gave it the seal of approval. The book is by Eric Wight, who was the "ghost artist" for the character Seth on The O.C., and also worked on a few comics and in animation on projects such as Batman Beyond. Anyways, My Dead Girlfriend follows a boy named Finney who attends Mephisto Prep, a school full of witches, werewolves, vampires and ghosts, although he himself is human and not surprisingly, doesn't fit in very well. He comes from the Bleak family, who have a long history of dying in very odd ways. The book actually begins by running down a list of such cases, from a magician's assistant actually being sawed in half to an inventor who disappears into the sky amid helium balloons. The ghosts of these ancestors are still around to give advice to young Finney and his relatives, and are there for him when the girl he falls for at the local fair doesn't show up at a mutually agreed-upon place to continue their relationship. Following this event, Finney is bitter. Not only that, but a group of bullies at school are after him, and Death seems to be stalking him now. Overall, this is a really creative book with a lot of cool ideas. I wasn't too keen on the art at first, but it grew on me and really, it does suit the tone of the book. There are plenty of cute designs for the monsters of the series and it can be pretty witty at times. I don't know what the status of this book is with all of the weird Tokyopop stuff that's going on, especially through their OEL titles, but I hope to see another volume of this book sometime in the future, preferably in actual book form.

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