Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In Stores 7/23

Picking out the books with most potential, shipping to comic shops this coming Wednesday...

Pick of the Week

X-Men: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Premiere HC - I can't guarantee that this is any good, but I'm certainly glad that it exists finally. You can probably find all six back issues of the original 1984-85 mini-series at Comic-con this week for less than $10, but it's nice to have pretty graphic novels for the bookshelf. This is the story of when Kitty grows up a bit. Following her breakup with fellow X-Man Colossus, she literally confronts her inner demons with the aid of Wolverine, learning martial arts and putting the days of silly costumes behind her. Ogun and Kitty's codename of Shadowcat come out of this, and look for a sword fight between mentor and protegee. Chris Claremont writes with art by Al Migrom

Other Noteworthy Releases

American Flagg! Definitive Collection (Volume 1) HC
Ambush Bug: Year None #1 (of 6)
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures (Volume 2) HC
Army@Love (Volume 2): Generation Gwned TP
Comic Book Tattoo
Flight (Volume 5) GN
Green Arrow/Black Canary: Road To the Altar TP
Image Monster Pile-Up #1
Korgi (Volume 2): Cosmic Collector GN
Madman Atomic Comics (Volume 1) TP
Maintenance (Volume 3) TP
Two Face: Year One #1 (of 2)
Uncanny X-Men #500 - A new milestone! Matt Fraction joins Ed Brubaker
.....on writing chores!

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