Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #1

David Petersen

I really, really enjoyed the first Mouse Guard mini-series from David Petersen, published by Archaia Studios Press. The latest mini-series from the Mouse Guard universe follows up on the Fall 1152 story with the next season, where the Mouse Guard attempt to secure supplies for Lockhaven from neighboring towns during a particularly harsh winter. Gone are the bright leaves and beautiful plant and beach scenes that Petersen established with the previous storyarc. In its place is a desolate landscape that Petersen yet again manages to capture the full beauty of via the guards' trek through the baren, blanketed wilderness. The fully-rendered world that is portrayed in Mouse Guard is one that makes me want to read the pages slowly, as to totally immerse myself in the atmosphere conveyed. It's a treat to walk alongside the Mouse Guard as they encounter predators and interact with one another as they struggle to carry out their daring missions. From the first page to the last of this first issue, the story is compelling and the art, completely gorgeous. I almost forgot how great Petersen's artwork was before picking up this issue, but from the first panel with the snow falling overhead among the trees, I was really taken away once again by a master of his craft. Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 is beginning as a great companion to the first Mouse Guard mini-series, and I really think that it's one of the best all-ages books coming out currently, especially now that Bone has been over for a few years. With the first series of the Guard, I collected the comic in single issues, but also ended up buying the collection afterwards just because I enjoyed the series so much and it ended up being such a beautiful-looking package. This time around...I'm still going to collect the individual issues because I can't wait a whole year before the entire six issue mini-series has concluded, and I'll probably still end up owning the final collection as well. This book is just great fun and I urge anyone who has even the tiniest interest in the tale, to check it out. A+

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