Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Black Cat Crossing

Richard Sala

Black Cat Crossing is an earlier work from one of my favorite creators - Richard Sala. It's out of print, so you may have to do a little digging to find this book from Kitchen Sink Press, but it's worth the effort for the great art and strange, creepy tales. Sala is a master of noir, and while these stories of madmen, dames and murder plots are shorter than the crazy, winding stories we usually get from this particular creator, they're still brimming with that atmosphere that fans love. For the most part, this book is black and white, but a few color pages are tucked in the middle of the volume, making the pages prettier, although they do tend to lose some of the darkness of the tales with the pastels and rosy cheeks. And sure, some of the stories aren't as good as others. "Psychorama" is actually really, really weak. It's a poem that describes different patients of a psychiatrist, from A to Z. Very cheesy. But other stories like "The Fellowship of the Creeping Cat," one of the longer stories in the book, more than make up for some of the other stories' shortcomings. Overall, there's a lot of fun packed into this volume, the kind of fun that readers have come to expect from this innovative creator. B-

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