Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Picks of the Week: 8/29

It's time once again for Patrick and I to choose what we think are the best bets to put your money toward at the local comic store this week...
Dave's Pick:

Squirrelly Gray SC - James Kochalka's children's book comes out to comic shops in soft cover this week, featuring a cute little squirrel who lives in a gray world, whose only source of entertainment is TV. But that all changes one night when he meets some fun characters - the tooth fairy, a fox and others. Forty pages of good, clean fun mixing verse and "comic-inspired" illustration. Barnes & Noble suggests it for kids aged 5 - 7.
Patrick's Pick:
Chance In Hell - I’m very much looking forward to this new, original graphic novel from Gilbert Hernandez because, well, It’s a new, original graphic novel from Gilbert Hernandez. Also, it’s gotten some terrific advance reviews. And Sloth was awesome.

Like Speak of the Devil, currently serialized in comic book form from Dark Horse, Chance In Hell is an “adaptation” of one of Love and Rockets character Fritz’s B-movies. I believe Fritz appears as a prostitute in this tale of an orphan girl who abandons her harsh life in a junkyard shantytown, only to encounter further abuse and exploitation in the big city. Beto’s take on sleazy, exploitation cinema should prove interesting.

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