Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mouse Guard

David Petersen

Archaia Studios Press' first mini-series of David Petersen's Mouse Guard concluded a few weeks ago, with a hardcover collection entitled Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 scheduled for release in a few months' time, with the sequel mini-series Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 not far behind. The title has garnered quite a bit of praise, if not a faithful following, and deservedly so. This is a really good mini-series. And it features cute little mice with cute little swords! But truly, David Petersen does a stellar job of transferring his world to the page with vivid colors, beautiful drawings and great character designs. I've said this before, but Petersen also demonstrates a mastery of cartooning via the expressions of his characters, whose eyes are pretty much the sole vehicle at conveying emotion. The characters aren't exactly flushed out in this straight-forward story, but you can't help but getting attached nonetheless as the story progresses. In this series, the Mouse Guard protect the secrets of Lockhaven with their lives as others plot to tear it down, ending a reign of peace throughout the kingdom. While the mice fight amongst each other, natural predators also wait in the wings for their chance to strike. Everything culminates in this beautiful battle in the final chapter of the series, where it's all paid off with a creative touch. You can tell Petersen has put a lot of thought into this world he's created, and poured a lot of love through his pen to present to us this story of survival and chivalry. This is a real treat to experience. A

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