Friday, August 31, 2007

White Picket Fences #1 (of 3)

Matt Anderson, Eric Hutchins & Micah Farritor

The mini-series White Picket Fences from Ape Entertainment takes place in the small town of Greenview in the Midwest during "the good ol' days" that would make the Cleavers proud. But during this era of patriotism and bunkers in suburban backyards, the military has a secret that they are hiding in this out-of-the-way town. And one day, little Charlie Hobson stumbles upon this secret that will inevitably lead to the military versus an alien menace. That cover pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the comic before you pick it up, in the end. White Picket Fences features some stunning art from Micah Farritor in a story that plays with the reader's expectations (particularly with the opening sequence) and offers up an instantly compelling story. The creators do a great job of injecting this book with atmosphere. It's a little haunting and odd, and quite fun, with images of breadboxes and pitchers of lemonade to subtly promote the time period. And it's all done in this kind of washed-out coloring that captures that "Leave It To Beaver" black-and-white feel perfectly. All-in-all, a great success. And there's a little bonus story at the end of the book featuring "Captain Odyssey" that was pretty cute. B+

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