Saturday, July 15, 2006

X-Men #188

Following the new creative team launch of last week's Uncanny X-Men, Mike Carey tries his hand at reinvigorating another one of the secondary X-books, X-Men, with help from Chris Bachalo. X-Men #188 begins with Sabertooth on the run from a pair of mysterious villains. Despite being vaguely disoriented by the art, I do actually like Bachalo on this book, particularly in a scene where Rogue disarms a group of soldiers. In the same scene, Mike Carey takes advantages of the mutants assembled to use their powers in unique ways. He also establishes the purpose of the new team of heroes, which include Rogue, Iceman, Mystique and Cannonball (with Sabertooth and one or two others on the way), who are to be part of a rapid response unit to react to situations like the one dealt with at the beginning of this issue. Carey already makes use of the relationships between several characters who appear here, including some really neat scenes with Professor Xavier, Rogue and Scott. Overall, it's a fun book, bringing together an odd assortment of characters, with the most interesting aspect being that of Sabertooth's troubles, a character I usually don't really care for. The villains introduced here, whether new with this storyarc or recurring characters, are visually interesting with some real potential, given their actions and powers demonstrated here. Like the retooled Uncanny X-Men, this book's starting off decent enough, but it's not exactly Astonishing.

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