Friday, July 14, 2006

In Passing...Fables to Ms. Marvel

Some really exciting debuts this week - Mike Carey on X-Men, Oni Press' new title Wasteland and Michael Gaydos on Virgin Comics' Snakewoman. But for now, all the other stuff...

Fables #51
- Cinderella is front and center in this issue as she deals with a delicate diplomatic situation for Fabletown, making both allies and enemies, setting up some dominos to fall in later issues while introducing us to some new corners of Fabledom. Another great James Jean cover. C+

Ultimate Spider-Man #97 - Following the lame, rushed "Morbius" arc, Ultimate Spider-Man gets damn good again with some great Bagley art as Peter battles the Scorpion and gets into it with both Kitty AND MJ. Oi. B+

Ms. Marvel #5 - The latest arc of Ms. Marvel comes to an end, guest-starring Dr. Strange, as they battle a fairly lame villain. But still, it was a really good superhero fight, although the conclusion was a little anticlimactic. B-

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ShadowFalcon said...

I alway though Ms Marvel was rather a lame superheao, Rogue was always far more interesting but I guess she must have fans somewhere...