Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In Stores 7/26

It's another fairly big week in comics. Here are the highlights...

30 Days of Night: Three Tales TP - IDW collects three stories from the 30 Days of Night universe in one paperback: the 30 Days of Night 2005 Annual, the three issue mini-series 30 Days of Night: Dead Space, and 30 Days of Night: Picking Up the Pieces, a story originally published in Tales of Terror.

Batman #655 - Grant Morrison takes over writing duties! Should be super-cool!

Castle Waiting (Volume 2) #1 - In wake of the Castle Waiting collection recently published by Fantagraphics, Linda Medley begins turning out new stories from her magical universe.

Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways #1 (of 4) - I love the Runaways and am just a tad annoyed that they're teamed up with the Young Avengers in this book, mostly because I haven't read Young Avengers and intend to (and am likely to get spoiled in some fashion with this mini-series). Ah, well. It should be fun to see these young teams butt heads.

Museum of Terror (Volume 1) TP - Junji Ito's horror stories are collected in this series, beginning with the zombie girl Tomie. I've actually read Tomie in editions published by Comics One. This looks like a sleeker package from Dark Horse.

Jack of Fables #1 - Jack gets his own book, from the pages of Vertigo's hit Fables series. I wasn't really a fan of Jack's story in Fables a year or so ago, so I'm not so sure I'll enjoy this series, but it's worth checking out.

Polly & the Pirates TP - Polly & the Pirates is a great series from Ted Naifeh, the creator behind Courtney Crumrin. If you're going to invest in anything this week, let it be this.

Savage Dragon #0 - From the Image 10th Anniversary Hardcover comes Erik Larsen's contribution in its own single issue comic, featuring the origin of the big green finhead himself.

She Dragon #1 - And also from the pages of Savage Dragon comes a one-shot featuring She Dragon, who was left for dead in space by one of Dragon's enemies a while back. I've always liked She Dragon and this issue should be a lot of fun at the very least.

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