Monday, July 17, 2006

In Stores 7/19

It's a great week for comics, aside from the usual stuff...

Sloth HC - Gilbert Hernandez' original graphic novel for Vertigo/DC finally sees the light of day. It's been years since this was first announced. But anything by a Hernandez Brother is worth the wait.

Halo Graphic Novel HC - And then there's Marvel's big hardcover of the week. Not exactly something I've been holding my breath for, but it could still be cool.

Excalibur Classic (Volume 2): Two-Edged Sword TP - I loved loved loved the first volume of Excalibur Classic, from Chris Claremont (when he was still turning out good material) and Alan Davis. I highly recommend checking out this original Excalibur series.

Civil War: X-Men #1 (of 4) - In case you can't get enough of Civil War, you can see what the merry mutants are up to amid the chaos...

Red Star: Sword of Lies - Red Star makes its triumphant return! The Eisner Award-winning series follows up on the Prison of Souls story to bring us a 40-page tale of the rise of Imbohl the evil sorceror to power.

The Comics Journal #277 - It's the 30th anniversary of The Comics Journal! The extra-big issue includes a history of the Direct Market and marks the end of an era as Dirk Deppey bows out as managing editor. R. Kikuo Johnson provides an awesome cover - check out a preview of contents yourself over at their website and treat yourself to an extended interview with creator Chynna Clugston (of the remarkable Strangetown).

And is it just a coincidence that a bunch of former Speakeasy titles are all getting the trade paperback treatment at once? This week we see the first volumes of The Hunger, Of Bitter Souls and Atomika. The only one I've read was Of Bitter Souls. I wouldn't recommend it - it was on my list of 5 worst comics of 2005. I have been thinking about checking out Atomika however.

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