Monday, July 03, 2006

In Stores 7/6

Comics ship on Thursday this week because of Independence Day. And it's quite a week. Here are the highlights...

Epileptic TP - Pantheon releases the critically-acclaimed Epileptic from David B. in a nice affordable softcover edition.

Devi #1 - The first issue of Devi, from the brand-new company Virgin Comics, follows a warrior goddess and the unseen war she fights.

Flight (Volume 3) TP - While it's been in bookstores for a few weeks now, the latest Flight anthology makes its comic shop debut.

Death Note (Volume 6) TP - Also making its first comic store appearance after several weeks of being on the shelves of the local Barnes & Noble, is the latest great installment of Death Note.

Beyond #1 (of 6) - The newest Marvel mini-series follows a group of several heroes (and villains) thrown together via strange circumstances, from Firestar to Kraven the Hunter. Expect to see a lot of Spidey on the covers of this book starring mostly C-List characters.

Fables (Volume 7) Arabian Nights and Days TP - Collecting the latest arc of DC/Vertigo's Fables, this story introduces a new set of Fables to the mythology, including Sinbad and a genie. The situation is delicate as the two groups tiptoe around each other's customs until one brash decision sends things in turmoil.

Black Panther by Jack Kirby (Volume 2) TP - Another collection of Jack Kirby material sees print. Patrick really enjoyed the first volume of this trade.

Uncanny X-Men #475 - A new creative team takes over the title with this issue. Ed Brubaker and Billy Tan try their hand at lifting the curse of consistant mediocrity from the X-Men titles that sell alongside the excellent flagship book Astonishing X-Men (and previously New X-Men). Chances seem slim, given Brubaker's previous unspectacular mini-series featuring the X-Men: Dark Genesis. But beginning his run with a year-long 12-issue arc takes guts. I'll be checking out at least the first issue of "The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire," a title that promises a tale of epic proportions.

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