Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DC Solicits: October '06

Here we are again. I'll highlight the stuff from DC you should give a second thought to...you can sift through the rest at Newsarama.

Seven Soldiers #1 - Yes. The maxi-series from Grant Morrison comes to a head - a little late, but better now than never. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait anyhow, given the artist is J.H. Williams III and all of the series involved have been pretty damn awesome. 48 pages of Grant Morrison goodness for only $3.99.

Showcase Presents: The Unknown Soldier (Volume 1) TP - Another obscure Showcase collecting Star-Spangled War Stories #151-190. This is an advance solicitation, so it won't actually be available until November 22nd.

The Authority #1 - Grant Morrison must be getting a cramp in his hand by now. He's doing All-Star Superman, Wildcats, 52, Batman, and finishing up his Seven Soldiers saga. And now this too. At least it's bi-monthly to give the poor guy a rest. And hey - Gene Ha is going to be providing the art. Yay!

Planetary #26 - I haven't followed this series but it is a popular, supposedly really well-done series by the talented Warren Ellis and John Cassaday, and this being the final issue, it deserves some props.

A Nightmare On Elm Street #1 - DC snatches up some coveted licenses just in time for the A Nightmare On Elm Street Special Edition DVD's release. The horror series will be written by Chuck Dixon, with the artist yet to be determined.

Y-the Last Man #50 - The big anniversary issue of Brian K. Vaughan's Vertigo series promises the answer to the plague that wiped man from the face of the map...

The Absolute Sandman (Volume One) HC - If you love Neil Gaiman's Sandman enough to spend $99 for some extras, this book is for you. Issues one through twenty have all been recolored for this hardcover volume which includes Gaiman's original proposal for the series, a gallery of character designs and the original script for #19, the Fantasy Award-winning "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream."

The Sandman #1 Special Edition - And if you've never laid hands on a Sandman comic before, Vertigo will release the first issue of the series in conjunction with the Absolute Hardcover, for a mere 50 cents!

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