Thursday, August 25, 2005


Since Previews came out yesterday, it's time to highlight some upcoming projects.

Dark Horse:
- Well, the Kellogg's Sugar Pops Pete figure was

- All Star Superman #1 - A winning team (Morrison and Quitely) working on this book may intice me to break down and read a Superman title. In fact, it will. Actually, I'm really looking forward to it.

- Manhunter (volume 1): Street Justice - I am really glad to see that they're collecting this new Manhunter series. It's easily one of the best superhero books out there right now. Check out Newsarama's article on DC's Manhunters (and the great buzz this series is creating), with a sequel article about this series specifically and what you've missed in the story thus far. I was really getting worried that they wouldn't collect it, since DC tends to pick and choose titles for trades (wanna check out the fabulous Midnight, Mass: Here There Be Monsters mini-series? Well, you'll have to dig for back issues. Extremely crappy deal.)

- New Seven Soldiers books debuting! - More Grant Morrison goodness with the premier issues of Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer and Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #1, the latter of which looks and sounds phenomenal.

- Warren Ellis' Ocean TP - Check out my review here.

- DMZ #1 - Sounded amazing at the Vertigo panel I attended in Chicago.

- A Distant Soil (volume 4): Coda - I was blown away by Colleen Doran's third volume in this series. I've been waiting too long for this one to come out.

- Image First TP - Obviously riding on the success of Vertigo's First Taste, which printed debut issues of Vertigo titles, Image is trying the same winning formula on their own books. Well, this is something I'll probably check out, since I've been meaning to check out Sea of Red, Girls and Strange Girl. Anyone who hasn't checked out The Walking Dead by now, please get this! It's only $7! You've got nothing to lose!

- And speaking of The Walking Dead, volume four comes out this month. Hurray!

- Season of the Witch #2 - You've gotta love Darwyn Cooke's cover for this issue. Beautiful!

- Ultimate Spider-man #86 - Yes! Finally, the debut of Ultimate Silver Sable! No, I'm not being sarcastic. I love Silver Sable and I've been waiting to see something of her for years! Stop laughing.

- The Pulse #12 - Finally, the atmosphere of Alias is back! Maybe the book will actually start to not disappoint. Gotta give Michael Gaydos props.

- Generation M #1 - Yeah, I'm not following House of M, but I wouldn't mind seeing some of the after effects on some of the Marvel characters.

- New Excaliber #1 - Yes, I'm like an abusive housewife, trying in vain to find a Chris Clairmont book that actually doesn't completely suck for the umpteenth time. But, I mean, I gotta try it! It's Excaliber! Please don't screw this one up too!!!

- X-Factor #1 - Oh, yes. Check out my review of the Madrox mini-series, which serves as kind of a prequel to this book.

- Excaliber Classic (volume 1) - Yes, the series that pulled me into comics is finally being collected. The years when Clairmont could actually write well. Kitty, Meggan, warwolves - what's not to like here?!

- X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David (volume 1) - The new X-Factor team debuted with Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Madrox. Should be good fun.

- Essential X-Factor (volume 1) - I loved the Essential X-Men collections more than I thought I would. I'll definitely pick this one up.

ADV Films:
- Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Complete Edition - Collects every episode of the popular series. If you haven't checked this out, you are totally missing out. The best anime of all time.

Devil's Due:
- Black Harvest #1 - Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with the first Dead@17 trade I picked up, but I'll give Josh Howard another chance.

Fantagraphics Books:
- Night Fisher - Beautiful interior art boxed in by a stelling cover. Patrick said he's getting this one, so I can "borrow" it.

- Night Mary #5 - This series came out at the same time as Brian Pulido's awful Bloody Mary comic, so I always got the two confused. Night Mary actually sounds really cool, though. I hope they collect this series.

- Dampyr #7: From the Darkness - Check out my review of the first Dampyr trade and then proceed to buy it.

Narwain Publishing:
- Free Fall #1 - New company with some interesting-looking stuff. I'll have to check out this story about bank robbery.

- Jenna #1 - The one series of Narwain's that really looks great. Great art, great premise.

Oni Press:
- Local #1 - I never checked out Brian Wood's Demo, but this looks really cool. May have to give this one a shot.

- Strangetown #1 - Interesting solicitation. I feel like I should give this one a chance. Love the cover!

Speakeasy Comics:
- Elium - Nice cover + intriguing premise = may buy

- Strangeways #1 - Werewolves are due for the spotlight.

- Nana (volume 1) - One of the best comics I've ever read! Read my review of the first chapter.

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