Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wizard World Chicago

I went to Wizard World this weekend. Still am going, actually, as I have Sunday to attend yet. It's less spectacular than it's been in the past. I think it has more to do with my tastes in comics changing more than anything. It's kind of sad that nearly every panel is Marvel or DC, the retailers are selling back issues of the same... Ugh. It's just frustrating. I love Marvel and DC and all, but I kind of want a little something more. I want to discover something else. Anyways, I was a big Crossgen fan and I can really feel the absence. It makes me a little sad to see the trades in all of those 1/2 off boxes, and Crossgen just had a way of creating excitement at the cons, with their big booth and hype. I just miss the alternative to the usual. It's the same thing at every retailer's booth. Oh well. At least they passed on the wrestling ring this year (small favors). So, what panels did I attend? Well, I missed the Cup 'o Joe and Bendis panels Friday, and there wasn't much on Saturday, so I've only gone to the House of M panel. It was alright. It went over a lot of announcements I'd missed at the aforementioned panels. And that's all. Tomorrow, I'm going to the Vertigo panel and the Tokyopop one. Should be okay. Nothing like what they offer at San Diego, I'm sure, but it's what I got.

What I picked up:
"Lucifer (volume 2): Children and Monsters"
"Usagi Yojimbo (book 1)"
"Record of Lodoss War: The Lady of Pharis (book 1)"
"She-Hulk (volume 1): Single Green Female"
"Dampyr (volume 1): Devil's Son"
"Dampyr (volume 2): Night Tribe" (I read the first one back at the hotel and loved it, so I got this one too)
"Madrox TP"
"Gimoles #1"
"Uncanny X-Men #462" (out of fondness for the old Excaliber days.)
"Of Bitter Souls #1" (premiered at the con)
"Shiver In the Dark #1" (from Stuart Sayger, the creator himself, at his table in artists' alley)
"Speakeasy Convention flipbook" (Free, features previews of "Smoke & Mirror" and "Of Bitter Souls," which I already got)

What Patrick picked up:
"Astro Boy #2"
"Blue Spring"
"Cromartie High School (volume 1)"
"Street Angel (volume 1)"
"Uzumaki (volume 1)"
"Buddha (volume 1)"

I was looking for "Age of Bronze," the first volume, but I couldn't even find a full price one at any booth. The second volume seemed to be everywhere. I also looked for "Strangehaven," "Witches, Inc. #1," and "Exiles (volume 10): Age of Apocalypse" (but on sale, because half of the trade is fricking sketches). Hopefully, I'll find more fun tomorrow. I'm hoping for deeper discounts and fun at the panels.

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