Monday, August 08, 2005

Comic-con Sunday panels

So, the final day of the Wizard World Comic-con has passed. I attended two panels this time: Vertigo and Tokyopop, both of whom had plenty of announcements. A couple of things caught my interest that I plan to check out. At Vertigo, a new mini by Brian K. Vaughan about lions that escaped from a bombed zoo in the middle east. It sounded really neat, told from the view point of the lions. There was also some talk of the new series Testament and Fables: 1,001 Nights of Snowfall and the Sloth original GN by Gilbert Hernandez, all of which have been mentioned at previous cons, but sound cool. The Exterminators sounds like a neat new series, a mini about NY exterminators, as does a new mini-series about a virgin who reexamines his choices as his fiancee dies (as he's Catholic and wanted to wait till married to have sex). I wish I could recall the name of the series, but I don't see it at Newsarama or anything yet. Frank Quitely does the cover, so when you see a man on a giant tongue, you'll know which one I'm talking about.

Tokyopop had a few titles of interest as well, the stars of which were Telepathic Warriors, about a telepath who tried to help people with her gift, and Mark of the Succubus, about a succubus-in-training who has to seduce a boy as part of her training, but falls for him. Bizenghast looked like it had some Victorian sensibilities, full of ghosts and old clocks, with a fragile little girl as the protagonist.

So, I failed in my search for the first volume of Age of Bronze. I'll have to buy it like everybody else, at full price at a comic store. Aw, well. I did get Exiles (volume 10): Age of Apocalypse on sale, and picked up the debut (premier at the con) issue of Necromancer. Patrick picked up four more Astro Boy collections at $3 each, the lucky guy, as well as Acme Novelty Library #3 and the Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America for half price.

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