Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Shiver In the Dark & Gimoles

I haven't read much for trades since I last posted, having been drawn into Scott Heim's "Mysterious Skin" novel so absolutely, but I have manged to read a few single issues to talk about...

"Shiver In the Dark #1" - This was written and drawn by Stuart Sayger. I got this from him down artist alley at the convention a few weeks ago. He was a really nice guy, and a talented one, as well. "Shiver In the Dark" is really a beautiful book that you can tell great care was invested. Very artfully, tastefully laid out with only a few minor things to complain about (some blurry panels, depicting action - a trick I don't much care for).

"Gimoles #1" - Okay, this is just the sappiest, crappiest piece of junk I've read in years. Actually, I couldn't even finish it it was so bad. And I'm one to like cute all-ages works! This just went too far, citing every Disney cliche it could get its grubby little hands on, trying for ultra-cute, ending up with ultra-grating. Thank god the first issue was only a waste of 75 cents!

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