Friday, February 15, 2008

Tiny Titans #1

Art Baltazar & Franco

The newest DC superhero team launched this week in some of the cutest panels you've ever seen featuring your favorite superhero sidekicks. Tiny Titans is the latest effort from DC to draw in younger readership by featuring adorable characters adorably rendered in adorable little stories. ADORABLE! It's hard not to be drawn in by the cover and the bright, happy pages bursting from the shelves of the local comic shop's selection of bloody, dark, brooding covers. And these are some really fantastic designs for the characters in this incarnation. I particularly like Tiny Raven and Tiny Speedy. I'm not very familiar with the DC Universe, but I believe that some of these characters were introduced specifically for this comic, like Miss Martian...never heard of her before, but that could be my lack of DC knowledge speaking. This is a great concept when it comes down to it, the art reminding me a lot of James Kochalka and the back-up strips from Savage Dragon. Basically, this first comic of the series contains a bunch of little stories, one to five pages long each. And a fun maze for the little ones at the end. The stories, overall, are pretty basic. The girls play with Barbies and giggle about boys. The boys talk about their cool powers and pretend not to like the girls. Nothing extraordinary beyond the cute factor and a few neat ideas, like Wonder Girl's jumprope replacing the lasso. Overall, it's a fun, fresh take, and the immediate appeal is sure to draw in some curious readers. Honestly, I wish there were more books like this, and I hope some little kids fall in love with comics through this issue.

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