Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Picks of the Week: 2/13

Patrick and I pick the comics arriving in comic stores tomorrow with the most potential for awesomeness...

Patrick's pick:

Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure - Here’s the deal: This is an approximation of what would have been the 103rd issue of the original Fantastic Four series, had Jack Kirby not left the title. The artwork produced by Kirby for that issue has been assembled here, inked by Joe Sinnott, with a new script by Stan Lee. Also included is a reprint of Fantastic Four #108, drawn by John Buscema, which incorporates some of the artwork Kirby produced for issue 103 in a flashback sequence. Got that? No? Look, it’s essentially a new Fantastic Four comic book by frickin’ Jack Kirby. Just buy it.

I think there might be something of significance happening with the regular Fantastic Four book this month, too…

Dave's pick:

ClanDestine Classic Premiere HC - Alan Davis' original ClanDestine comics all collected under one cover, just in time for readers to get caught up for the relaunch. Should be a lot of fun.

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