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Previews: April '08 Comics

Patrick and I take a look at the latest Previews catalog and highlight the good stuff shipping to comic stores this April!


Dave: Clandestine #3 - I’m a huge fan of the original Excalibur run, so I’m thrilled that Alan Davis is returning to those characters with an adventure in his new mini-series.

Secret Invasion #1 - The big Marvel event gets into full-swing with the first of eight issues featuring invading skrulls.

Dark Horse

Dave: Gantz (Volume 1) - The extremely popular title from Japan makes its way to America, featuring a cast of characters brought back to life by a mysterious creature called Gantz, who has them do its bidding.

Creepy Archives HC - This is fun: a collection of stories from the legendary Creepy magazine from the early 60’s!

Fluffy HC - This is ridiculously adorable, and I must have it. The story of a cute little bunny who has a human daddy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight (Volume 2): No Future For You TP - The latest collection of Joss Whedon’s acclaimed series hit’s the stands in April, featuring rogue slayer Faith.

DC Comics

Patrick: DC is offering some good looking books this month: There are a lot of haters out there, but I think Frank Miller’s and Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder is a blast. The first nine issues are collected in a hardcover this June. I’m taking Sean Collins’ word that Geoff Johns’ work on Green Lantern is worth checking out, and you can do so with the paperback edition of Green Lantern: No Fear, collecting the first six issues of Johns’ relaunch of the title, in May. Green Lantern: Rebirth, which restored Hal Jordan to his status as Earth’s Green Lantern, is reoffered for an April release.

Dave: New Minx titles - Burnout and Water Baby both debut this month, with some pretty impressive preview art in Previews Catalog.

Image Comics

Dave: The Walking Dead - Not only does The Walking Dead reach the milestone 50th issue, but volume 8 if the collections, Made To Suffer also becomes available.

Aardvark Vanaheim

Patrick: Glamourpuss #1 - This should be…..interesting. Dave Sim’s first post-Cerebus project is “a parody of fashion magazines, a history of photo realism in comics (starting with Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby in 1946), and the strangest super-heroine comic book of all time!” It also features a woman named “Skanko.” Huh.

Archaia Studios Press

Dave: Gunnerkrigg Court (Volume 1): Orientation - The award-winning webcomic sees print courtesy of Archaia Studios Press. It’s an all-ages fantasy that takes place in a boarding school.


Patrick: Comic Arf - I adore this series of books, edited by Craig Yoe, ostensibly about the intersection of comics and fine art, but really just a series of books filled to bursting with stuff Yoe finds interesting, which is great. This volume, the fourth I believe, features work by Milt Gross, Art Spiegelman, Jaime Hernandez, Mike Mignola, and others.

Most Outrageous - This sounds very interesting. This new book by Bob Levin examines the story of Dwaine Tinsley, former cartoon editor for Hustler magazine, who created a series of cartoons, “Chester the Molester,” about a middle-aged man who lusted after pre-pubescent girls. Tinsley was then accused by his teenage daughter of sexually molesting her over the course of five years, and the story of his trial is recounted here by Levin, a gifted writer about “outsider” cartoonists. Should be a compelling read.

The Comics Journal #290 - Ordinarily, I wouldn’t highlight the new issue of The Comics Journal in one of these posts, but there are a couple of features slated for this issue that make it worth pointing out to those who don’t necessarily read every issue, including a roundtable discussion of David Michaelis’ controversial biography, Schulz and Peanuts, and an examination by Gary Groth of the work of Ralph Steadman.

:01 First Second Books

Dave: Three Shadows GN - From Cyril Pedrosa, this original graphic novel follows a family trying to elude death itself.

Hyperion Books

Patrick: Thoreau At Walden - I cannot imagine a more perfect match of cartoonist and subject than John Porcellino and Henry David Thoreau. This is the second cartoon biography put together by James Sturm’s Center for Cartoon Studies, and I’ve a feeling it’s going to be outstanding.

IDW Publishing

Dave: IDW publishes a few picture books under their new children’s imprint, Worthwhile Books. The first offerings are The Nicest Naughty Fairy and Tinyrannosaurus.


Patrick: Little Things: A Memoir In Slices - Jeffrey Brown’s new book doesn’t sound like too much of a departure from the talented cartoonist’s previous efforts, like Clumsy, so if you’re a fan you’ll want to get this, too.


Patrick: Tezuka’s Dororo (Volume 1) - I mentioned this series when David and I discussed our most anticipated comics of 2008. Here’s the first volume.

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